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Hello John and everyone.

Initially a big thank you. I have tried lots of releasing methods through out the years. But I never found a method that was so methodical as yours. I have had a big problem with resistance - I wanted to release (at least on a superficial level) but at the same time I was resisting. That manifested in having a clenched jaw all the time. I am definitely not out of the woods, but I feel confident that I have the tools to improve. So thanks.

A few questions:
1) I have a lot of anxiety and I try to keep my solar plexus and heart open, so the emotions can run their course. My issue is attending to daily activities such as focusing on my desk job. I find it really really hard to concentrate. I feel spaced out. You talk a lot about activating the right brain for releasing, but when I need to get into work mode, should I then transition to left brain and how? I would like to stay open all the time but as I said its making me space out.

2) As I release I see a tendency in myself to get angry a lot. A bit like victim mentality, but at the same time I almost enjoy the anger. Like I am pushing people around me, hoping for them to explode and put me in place. The things is that I dont feel anything. Its almost apathic anger if that makes sense? How do I deal with that? I should probably use discipline in the situation to be kinder and then deal with the deeper things when I am alone. But its hard when i feel nothing.

3) I know how you feel about positive psychology. But is there still a time a place for visualization, setting intentions, expressing gratefulness, trying to look at things from the positive side etc. Reason I am asking is that, in my experience, when I only focus on releasing, i almost get dragged down in a swamp with no perspective or focus on the good things in life. Almost like I am subconsiously saying "i can be happy when i release all my stuff".

Thank you so much!
Thank you, John.

I have been working my way through the process, and have achieved great strides in many areas. However, with one particularly traumatic childhood event, I am struggling to open the door. I think it's because my subconscious is used to locking it down so far and so deep as a survival mechanism, that it has become diligently trained and inflexible. Sort of like those Russian dolls with multiple layers of defense. I am continuing to work on it, but part of me wondered if it was perhaps related to my intentions. That is why I went back to  the beginning to look at what you advised. I appreciate your input and direction. I am now working on a letter to my younger self giving permission to open that door and experience that level of fear and terror again; letting her know this is essential to moving forward.

I am just trying to emphacize the desirability of going beyond ego orientation in mystical work of this nature. To truly come into the moment, you have to go beyond personal agenda. However, I can see where the statement can be confusing. Just ignore it and proceed. Maybe later it will make more sense to you as you develop third eye transcendental experience. Glad you are a careful reader.
THE EMOTIONAL CLEARING PROCESS / followup on "in the weeds"
« Last post by jocelyn on August 28, 2023 »

Last night I realized what had happened before I posted "in the weeds." A week or so ago I wrote an eight-verse poem about being "in the weeds." To submit it to this Forum, I converted it into a purely prosaic, artless version of the same subject.

I see, now, very clearly, that in that poem I had focused solely on the concept of duality, and I wrongly subconsciously thought that by doing that, I could avoid dealing with my feelings about the topic. In other words, I had completely compartmentalized emotions and duality, which won't work in the long run.

Thanks for the opportunity to clarify!

Hi. I am new to this forum, and have been working on Deep Clearing. There was a statement on page 68 that said,

"You can't accept in order to make better, benefit yourself, to get even, or even to heal yourself."

I found this very confusing. I thought the purpose of clearing was to process the built-up negative feeling energy of our subconscious, which to me means healing. What am I missing?

I am finding great value in the process, but still haven't been able to reconcile the experience as something that isn't intended to heal or make better. I would welcome your insight.

« Last post by jocelyn on August 26, 2023 »
Points well taken.

Thank you.


P.S: More than likely, working with my feelings directly is all I need to do!
« Last post by Ila on August 25, 2023 »
Taking this thread slightly off topic but what would a core feeling outside of shame be? 

I stumbled on Johnís latest book today (thank God) and have devoured it and even attempted to sit with some feelings.  What is becoming quickly apparent to me is that Iím ďfeeling-illiterate. ď Based on what Iíve read so far that means Iím out of touch with my body which makes sense.  I can feel feelings but itís like those typically identified as negative all feel the same and I struggle labeling them.   

I have major work to do and more reading (Iím on page 79)Ö but Iím wondering how important labeling the feeling is when working with it?  Can I witness a feeling when I canít properly identify it?  Should I take a step back and learn about feelings to work with them properly?  That likely sounds funny but when you dodge them long enough you donít really get to know them. 

And, JohnÖ huge thanks for writing your books.  Ignoring feelings has been disastrous, mantras havenít felt authentic, attempts to put a positive spin on feelings has compounded issues.

Everything Iíve read so far in Deep Clearing resonates so deeply.  Thank you! 
« Last post by John Ruskan on August 25, 2023 »
Thanks for sharing, but these questions call for a highly speculative philosophical reply and are not what I consider myself to be a prime resource on. Perhaps other readers may want to join in. However, I might suggest that you focus on accepting your feelings as they are, instead of intellectually focusing on future events or circumstances. You are not to be concerned with trying to accept death or not, but what are your feelings about death? Always take it to a feeling level and work with those feelings. Most likely you have fear - so that's your starting point. As you work with / integrate fear or whatever else comes up for you, it will modify your 'acceptance' of death itself.
« Last post by jocelyn on August 24, 2023 »

I would not be on this field trip 'in the weeds' right now were it not for the possibility of World War III. I'm against being killed that or any other similar  way.  Can ACCEPTING violent kinds of death without resistance HELP release me from the "curse" of desires to move toward The Light and the Light alone?

Painful as that kind of death might be, could I relate to it as I would toward any other event--knowing the "pendulum" (of experience) has swung away from The Light and that I can look forward to its perpetual return AND release?

Can bad Karma come just from an addiction to the need to hold EXCLUSIVELY on to The Light?

It's said Higher Self can endure whatever life experiences we have--"It's 'all good.'" If my feeling that "it's all good" is healthy, it's also good if I have not yet grasped that.

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