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« Last post by Kat on January 17, 2023 »

I forgot what I was going to say last week to finish up this post. But I'll not leave you empty-handed today. Yesterday I wrote one of my many cinquain poems (an offshoot of the famous Japanese haiku): (For the record, I weigh 118 lb. and I removed all wheat products from my diet on December 13, 2022.)

                                                                              was the first day
                                                                              when deep breathing saved me
                                                                              from feeding my addiction to

« Last post by John Ruskan on January 14, 2023 »
« Last post by Kat on January 14, 2023 »
Hello again.

I have more to share: 

Without telling you more than you want to know, from birth I was brainwashed to believe that the world is not real. You can't even imagine how destabilizing an effect that belief had on my life. Somehow I managed to become a productive, law abiding citizen throughout my 80 years of life on this planet.

Because I've had such an extremely tough time healing from that childhood (now realizing Karma had me in its clutches), I can't "zip" quickly through the steps and move quickly away from dysfunctional ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Reading lines, paragraphs, pages and chapters here and there has empowered me to slowly move deeper and deeper into doing EC work. If I know anything, I know that EC Therapy is the highest form of truth I have encountered, perhaps for many lifetimes.

Which brings me to the insight I had this morning: It's really and truly safe to accept, love, and care for my own body. I've done that fairly well throughout the last few decades, but I've always felt a certain sense of mental and spiritual alienation from it--and that has now cleared. How? The clearing came when I read more deeply than ever into the section on pps. 196-198, where you discuss "Consciousness shift 10: coming into the moment." On reading that yet again, I saw ever more deeply that on the third dimensional level, the body IS REAL and that I really and truly actually need it. That if I mentally throw it away, I can never regain glowing health.

I could say a lot more, but the library is about to close, so will have to wait until Tuesday (after the holiday) to finish up with this post.

Best -- and thanks again!

« Last post by Kat on January 14, 2023 »
I'd be very happy to send the above post to the Emclear/Amazon page, but may not be able to, because if I need to have a credit card and need to have already purchased something from Amazon, I don't have a card and haven't bought anything from them in over two decades. Nor is it likely they'd have a record of my credit card # from 2008.

That said, I'd be happy to find out from you how I can submit that post to them and even give you permission to submit it yourself if it's not an awkward move for you and Amazon to handle. I recall one of the members of this forum was denied posting his comments because he hadn't spent enough time on Amazon.

Maybe I can get someone I know to submit my post, if he's a duly "sanctified" member of Amazon . . . . .

I'm going to go to new post to share more stuff.

« Last post by John Ruskan on January 13, 2023 »
Beautiful! Please post this as a review on the Deep Clearing Amazon page!
« Last post by Kat on January 13, 2023 »

I'm writing to share some of the benefits I've received so far from studying Deep/Emotional Clearing. This report will be kept as short and simple as possible.

Although I'm fully retired, a business woman took up a long-term place in my life in May 2022. From the start, I recognized two things about her: 1) She's a narcissistic bully, and 2) She's around to help me release deeply suppressed feelings I have from my last lifetime--when I was a bigger bully than she is now.

Before your books Deep/Emotional Clearing, I would have become at least as cagey and combative as she is now and would have ended up with massive, painful setbacks in my spiritual and personal development. It would have been hell on earth had I continued to spend my days trying to figure out how to "defeat" her.

Today, although that woman is not going away any time soon, I can say I now operate from the premise that "Madam X" is my spiritual "doppelganger" and have become emotionally neutral where she's concerned, which has made it possible for me to develop a civil relationship with her. Of course, this new attitude of mine is slowly spreading throughout the rest of my life, and I'm now much less afraid of my own shadow.

Thank you, John!


« Last post by Terminator on January 12, 2023 »
Thanks for sharing  Very Interesting
I talk about the value of breathwork and give detailed instructions in Deep Clearing. I'm not familiar with anapana breath, but it's probably as good as any. The important thing is a conscious and deliberate breath practice, which draws in prana and energizes the chakra system. The 15+45 plan sounds great.

By the way, if you are reporting accurately, to deny anyone spiritual training because they have a "history of depression" seems completely ridiculous to me.
I was recently turned away from a 10-day vipassana retreat owing to my lifelong history of depression.  I had intended to try vipassana as a complement or "in addition to" the EM clearing approach. 

As a 10-day vipassana retreat is not available to me now, I feel the need to invest more into my EM clearing practice.  As vehicles towards improvement on a psychological/spiritual continuum, perhaps vipassana is "good" and EM clearing is better. 

This reminds me of guidance to do physical exercise.  Questions arise, such as will I get more benefit if I do my exercise in the morning?  Another question is what type of physical exercise is best:  should I swim, should I jog, should I ride bike, should I run, etc?  Experts advise that whatever exercise you yourself will do, at whatever time you yourself will do it, is the best exercise.  In other words, yes there are varying degrees of benefit based on what time of day you exercise or what kind of exercise you do.  However, the main thing is that you're doing exercise. 

This analogy helps me make sense of vipassana vs EM clearing.  Now let me extend the analogy further.  I had hoped a vipassana retreat would afford me space for focused dedication, as well as specific teaching.  John's books are great teaching, and sure I could set up a 10-day retreat on my own.  But I had hoped to get things from a vipassana retreat that I don't get from John's books, CDs, or my daily practice.  Said differently, sure I can run and lift weights on my own, but if my means allow it, hiring a personal fitness trainer to instruct me and keep me motivated helps.

It helps me to think of a 10-day vipassana retreat analogous to hiring a personal trainer to help me exercise.  No personal trainer knows everything; they are usually trained in only specific aspects of exercise and may not even be aware of higher quality exercises you may do.  I now think of vipassana retreat leaders, and even S.M. Goenka himself, in this way.  There are different paths to spiritual enlightenment, and while not all paths are equal, perhaps the first and foremost thing is that a person is following a path.

So, this is how I personally make sense of vipassana and EM clearing.  I offer it here in case someone reading this forum finds benefit in it.  I know I find benefit in reading how others who have made their way to this forum are processing EM clearing for themselves.

James -

I believe we both share an interest in comprehending EM clearing more fully.  Your description of witnessing, as used in EM clearing, as increasing one's trauma capacity makes sense to me. 

A metaphor that comes to my mind is like afterburners that boost a jet to faster speeds.  John does seem to describe witnessing as something that boosts a person's ability to process adverse subconscious material better.  And, that would be an increase in one's trauma capacity.

But I am a lay person.  Hopefully John will respond.

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