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Hi John, thank you so much for the reply. Self acceptance is a beautiful idea and one that I am very new to. I have always hated some of my behavioural traits and tried to bend them to suit my ideal. This could very well be the reason I feel so blocked. I can honestly tell you, I cannot recall even one moment in my life where I have sat in complete self acceptance and unconditional self love. Its a very sad realisation but also I'm very happy I am now on track. I actually meditated for almost two hours yesterday, completely focusing on acceptance and it was magical. I felt I was able to breathe much more easily and a light-headedness that usually follows me around completely dissipated for the 2 hours.

After finishing one of the most uplifting meditations ever I couldn't help thinking why on earth is this type of inner work not mainstream? Seriously, I am struggling to work out why. Maybe it is because other forms of work, law of attraction, for example, appeals much more to materialists than EC does. But surely the notion of bending external events to suit an individual completely invalidates the fact that there is a super consciousness that knows exactly what is right for each person at any given time in their life!

Thank you again John. I'm really excited about learning more about EC.
Hi John,

Thank you.

Much (if not all) of what you have said here has rung true.

The entity attachment for me was the big one. After reading your article on spirit releasement and doing some research I realised that I seem to have all of the symptoms pertaining to an attached entity. The depletion of energy, the poor concentration and focus, unexplainable depression, dramatic weight loss, irregular back pains. Not to mention personality changes and mood changes. The realisation has definitely taken me by surprise.

Yesterday I was able to get myself an appointment with a spirit releasement therapist. I talked him through my symptoms and we then went through the process of removal. There was definitely a struggle on my part to allow my subconscious mind to come into play, and there were certainly some strange sensations that took place. I felt quite a struggle to let go and surrender myself to the process but was also able to understand my life situation a lot better. The therapist made clear that an attachment had left and emphasised (as you did) how important it is to clear and ground oneself always.

After finishing the spirit releasement session, I expected to feel 100% back to normal. While I do feel better, it has made me realise just how much my blocked energy points have been affecting me emotionally. After yesterday’s session I have realised that the cause of my energy blockage relates to shame from a previous relationship. I was in a relationship that turned out to be quite toxic. The partner at the time fell pregnant and being young and from a traditional Christian family I felt a lot of shame around not being married to her. In short, I began suppressing my sexual urges, the unconscious shame cut me off from a lot of people that were close to me, resulting in loneliness (and likely further blockage). In conclusion, the shame and loneliness has left me in a ‘safe’ routine-based lifestyle, with little to no pleasure, keeping me blocked.

Thanks John, your single message has set me on the right course to finally fixing and understanding my life. If I can follow up with a final question:

I have begun yoga (using the exercises listed on your site), however I am lost at the best way to unblock the relevant chakras. In my first year of experiencing the chakra blockage, I went to a reiki practitioner for help clearing things out. While I felt extremely relaxed after the session, it wasn’t long until I felt back to my 'old self' with strong heavy feelings. Would you still suggest going down the Practitioner route? My worry is that I attend a session, only for the blockage to remain. Can these blockages be cleared out myself?

Thank you
Ok! Here's a great way to completely fuck yourself up: Constantly compare yourself to a picture in your mind that you think you should be (your ideal spiritual brain-washed true-self hero image) and then beat yourself up because you will never come close to it. One of the principle components of EC psychology is self-acceptance. This idea does not appear to have hit you yet, and you seem to be in major unconscious self-rejection. The challenge in EC and authentic spiritual work is to be present with WHAT IS, not to be focused on the delusional idealized future. I suggest you go through the books again with this in mind and work on self-acceptance for a few months. You resolve your issues and grow organically and spontaneously into your higher self by surrendering to what is and by dedicating yourself to a long-term meditation - EC practice, clearing all those traumatic events one by one, without concerning yourself with how long it may take.

I have not studied Exposure Therapy and do not know if it is actually a formal school of psychology. However, EC work can be said to be a form of exposure therapy. You sit and visualize the triggering circumstances, and let the feelings come up, and then take them through the steps. You can also engage in physical confrontation to bring up the feelings, if it is an ongoing condition. However, simply exposing yourself to physical confrontation to bring up the feelings is not going to help much to clear those feelings from the subconscious if you simply shut down when the feelings come up, which is likely to happen if you are not ready with an effective strategy to handle the feelings. If Exposure Therapy does not include any such strategy aside from masochistic resignation, I would question the wisdom level of the program. If the exposure is too much, involuntary shut-down and repression will occur, which defeats the purpose or even compounds the problem as you point out. The beauty of EC work is that it gives you a method to integrate the feelings, whatever the context, inner or outer. I would say work mostly inwardly, and be careful with outer exposure, not over-doing it. You can try it after you have felt you have cleared some feelings using the EC process. Actually, I don't think it is even necessary if you have an ongoing meditation-processing practice. You could make a case that inner work is more effective because you are in a witnessing alpha state, able to devote complete attention to the feelings while taking them through the steps, although outer confrontation may have the advantage of generating stronger feelings than you can do in meditation.

Regarding employment, you are expected to be nervous when applying for a job. Nobody will hold that against you if you have talents, and everybody else including the people who interview you are just as tormented as you - that can be a helpful thought to keep in mind as you face them, similar to the cardboard cutout idea in the Emotional Clearing book. Don't worry so much about yourself and just go do it.

Hi John, its a pleasure to connect with you and a real blessing for me to have found out about your books. I love your approach and really respect your dedication to the craft.

just to set the scene, I am a male in my early 20s who has just gained a digital graphics & computing degree after completing a college course. aside from that, I have a colossal amount of unresolved emotions that are and have been stopping me from being able to function in the outside world. It is sometimes so bad that I often think the only way out is to book myself into a mental institution and to heal at my own pace. I had some very traumatic events happen in my childhood (as well as some not so obviously traumatic events but ones that have seemed to brandish my personality nonetheless) that I believe these issues have arisen from, but I also understand that this is what the universe intended so that I am able to eventually transcend and gain knowledge from the pain. I am very passionate about the idea of learning from pain and getting to levels of growth that would not be possible if it were not for those painful events.

I am at the point now where I cannot even fathom the idea of selling myself in an interview or actively calling up companies and building rapport with potential employees due to beyond overwhelming anxiety and panic, which eventually leads to self hating. I hide in my room when people visit our home because I can't stand the idea of embarrassing myself and damaging my social identity. I would rather not be seen and for people to speculate about who I am than me expose myself and be rejected. All of these things are really just the tip of the iceberg but just so I don't take up too much of your time, I will keep it brief. This situation is even worse because I have big dreams of reaching my fullest potential in the working world and embarking on the 'hero's journey', to pay homage to Joseph Campbell.

I guess my question is how do I go about resolving these issues and letting my true self shine through? I hear a lot online and in books about 'exposure therapy', which means I have to force myself physically into the most frightening scenarios, over and over again, until I no longer feel those limiting emotions. but every time I do that, it only strengthens my self hatred when I have my flaws exposed to people and I realise I am a huge way behind my ideal. also, it is very rare  the feelings are not so crippling that exposure therapy is even possible for me.

am I allowed to give myself time to heal on my own, using emotional clearing, so that the emotions diminish enough for me to make the first 'physical' steps into the working world? It is not a matter of needing the money desperately as I am fortunate enough to be living with my father currently who isn't demanding rent until I can afford it.

are you an advocate of exposure therapy or do you prefer the approach of working on yourself patiently in isolation until you are at least capable of taking the first step?

thanks in advance John, I hope this all makes sense.
It's so nice to read such a well-expressed, objective appraisal of your circumstances. I think it would not be inaccurate to say that you are dealing with extreme, perhaps extraordinarily extreme, negativity. It may not be just the 30 years but since you have referred to "lifetimes" implying that other lifetimes are in the background, how many lifetimes "past" have contributed karmically to the present day experience? I'm only saying this to try to point out that this lifetime may be quite important and may be a turning point. It may be helpful to proceed on the assumption that karma is real, and that major negativity can be brought into this life to be resolved. Hopefully, this might promote patience, tolerance, and detachment (the key) from oppressive forces.

In practical terms, the shaking is nothing to be concerned about. Any reasonable spontaneous body movement during emotional release work in general is allowed and even encouraged, and I have seen this often in clients. I would take it as a sign that you are doing effective work. I especially like that you are breathing into chakras, and have identified the core feeling of heart-based loneliness, with its accompanying first-level emotion of shame, which has driven you into the addictive acting-out. On the other hand, anything can be taken to an undesirable extreme, referring to the body shaking. The energy going up the spine could be construed as kundalini movement, and this can be both good or premature, in which case it can be harmful. Just take it easy and make sure you are not pushing too hard with the work. Maintain balance. If you are having intense sessions, maybe do just one or two a week. Be careful with the kundalini and keep it under control. Maintaining a slow smooth breath with no pausing between in and out can help calm down violent inner energetics.

On the feelings lingering, make sure you are ending the session carefully according to the steps. Close the door to the subconscious, ground down, seal the aura again, etc.

The sexual issue is critical. I agree that it can be the effect of the other heart-based feelings -  and that's a nice insight - but also it can have either developed into, or can actually be a core karmic issue in itself. This would pertain to the third, or second chakra, in the 10 chakra system I use. So go into that chakra, focus there, feel it, breathe into it, process the feelings there. The excess activity and then the inability to express sexually are both indications of blockage in the lower chakra(s).

I would recommend that you find someone to work with. The energetic blockage in the lower (and heart) chakras will respond to energetic therapy. There are many types of healers: EC Facilitators work energetically, even at a distance, and direct energy into the chakras to free them up. Other energy healers can also be used: Reiki, shamen, crystal healing, energy healers in general, but I probably would not recommend EFT. The object is to direct strong positive pranic healing energy into the chakras, and to give you more of an energetic boost than you can provide for yourself. This unblocks and releases the negativity into awareness so it can then be processed with the EC steps. In addition, you can gently incorporate yoga contractions (mulabanda) on the perineum to work from the physical to free up the energy in sexual chakras. I talk about this in Deep Clearing with regard to a sexual addiction case. Also a meditative yoga practice in general if you are not doing it now can be healing and smooth out the body shaking.

Last, and I don't want to alarm you, but don't want to hold back anything either: Your case strongly suggests the possibility of entity attachment. I am no longer seeing clients, but in my last 8 years or so of practicing, after I became aware of this phenomenon, I included working on this level with about 20% of my clients, and found it very helpful. The entities take hold on the psychic level and it can sometimes be hard to dislodge them, but it can be done. Refer to my article on Spirit Releasement on the emclear website in the Emotions section. There are two ways to approach this: continue to work energetically and with emotional processing and assume they will drop off as negative feelings as cleared, which often happens; or if things don't seem to improve, try to release them directly with the help of a spirit releasement specialist, which you'll have to search for, and which would be my choice. The spirit attachment condition is actually common and should not induce fear or panic.

So, hang in there. I know the system works. Try these suggestions and assume you are undergoing a major life redirection.
Hi MrPatrick:
I have only been attempting to work the emotional clearing process for a couple of months but I too have experienced the shaking and muscle tension every time I get in touch with negative feelings or emotions while meditating. I find this very strange and am not sure what to make of it.
Ditto with the experience of the feelings appearing more intense and frequent in my day to day interactions subsequently.
Not sure what to make of this but it’s good to know the experience is not unique to me.
Thank you for posting.
Hi John,

A big thank you for your books, Emotional Clearing especially. I feel privileged to have found it in this lifetime.

To quickly summarise, I have been struggling with suppressed emotions for the past 30 years. A severe sex addiction (through masturbation) has sadly left me with symptoms of impotence for the past 4 years. After reading your book and realising that my addiction was the effect and not the cause, I begun emotional clearing.

For the past few months I have been experiencing muscle tension and bodily shakes whenever I reach what feels like the negative emotions. Upon breathing into the relevant chakras, my muscles twitch, then start to tense, then a strong urge to shake comes over my physical body. I believe I am dealing with feelings of shame and loneliness, and whenever I mentally remember past scenarios that involved those feelings, the muscles in my arms begin to tense up and my body begins to shake (quite violently) if I allow it to. It is not painful in any way, but it can be difficult to breathe correctly. It is an extremely strange sensation that is difficult to explain in words. I also notice energy moving up my spine during the session.

Once the session is over, I feel quite relaxed but I also notice that the feelings being processed are stronger for the next day or 2, almost like old feelings have been bought to the surface.

At this point in recovery I have no idea if I am moving in the correct direction, or if this work is having a positive affect. Not to say that I doubt the process, but this has been a cycle for me for around 2.5 years. Friends and family are worried about me and say I have changed, I struggle to relate to the people close to me, and I just feel as though life is passing me by while I wait for these old feelings to pass. Am I right in thinking that I am going through the process of processing 30 years of suppressed emotions?

Thank you

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Thank you! I am currently in the process of reading Deep Clearing currently on the section of Depression. It’s been very eye opening for me.

[quote author=John Ruskan link=topic=757.msg1305#msg1305 date=1641403569]
There's the Emotional Clearing Guided Training, which I would recommend.

Sessions are always subjective and you don't have to be too rigorous in following the steps, but on the other hand, you do want to be aware of the basic theory behind the process. You should definitely be reading Deep Clearing or Emotional Clearing if you plan on getting into serious work on yourself.

It sounds like you did it right. The important thing is to be focused on the feeling, and to take it through the steps. It's ok whatever imagery comes up.
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There's the Emotional Clearing Guided Training, which I would recommend.

Sessions are always subjective and you don't have to be too rigorous in following the steps, but on the other hand, you do want to be aware of the basic theory behind the process. You should definitely be reading Deep Clearing or Emotional Clearing if you plan on getting into serious work on yourself.

It sounds like you did it right. The important thing is to be focused on the feeling, and to take it through the steps. It's ok whatever imagery comes up.
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I am working through the book but I am wondering if there’s a guided meditation that can take me through the process.

Also I did the crystal group video on YouTube and I felt like I didn’t catch some parts as I was so relaxed that I was a bit out of it. Does that matter?
During the process, I was focused on fear of people rejecting me then it turned into feeling rejection & seeing myself in the mirror rejecting my own self. Did I do it right?
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