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International / USA Emotional Clearing Facilitators

Emotional Clearing Facilitators are available for phone/Skype counseling as well as in-person work. Skype counseling is done either with or without video as you prefer. Extensive experience has confirmed distance work to be as effective as in-person. Some facilitators employ other counseling modalities in addition to Emotional Clearing.


Nada Rose
I embrace intuition, mentoring, past life regression, Emotional Clearing, energy healing and more. It addresses that which arises from within you & rocks your world emotionally, mentally, physically & spiritually. It is about those feelings & topics you are both delighted by or confounded with & it is about the synergy created through our interaction with each other in this vital dialogue. Finally, and most importantly, it is about the upsurging of lifeforce within you as it unfolds & informs your world within the context of your daily life.

Emmy Vadnais
Emmy is an Intuitive Healer specializing in holistic health care. She provides Emotional Clearing therapy sessions and consulting in Personal Insight & Transformation, Relationships, Career/Life Purpose, Health, Spiritual Growth, and Occupational Therapy. She is certified in several holistic healing techniques. She has provided holistic health care in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, clinics, and private practice. She became an Emotional Clearing Facilitator in 2007, and has provided hundreds of sessions incorporating this profound technique. She looks forward to assisting you to transform pain & anxiety into peace & joy.

Lorena Colarusso
Lorena brings a diverse skill set to her therapy services and personal development practice. Her specialized spiritual psychotherapy education and professional expertise provide a full spectrum of support for her clients. Her Psychotherapy and Counseling processes are complemented and deepened through her being a Certified Professional Coach, Emotional Clearing Facilitator and Master NLP Practitioner. Lorena has advanced training in various Energy Medicine therapies and is committed to using her expertise to the greatest healing and benefit of her clients.

John Duffy
Dr. John Duffy is a licensed Chiropractor. John uses a "whole person approach". This approach to wellness means looking for underlying causes of any disturbance or disruption (which may or may not be causing symptoms at the time) and make whatever interventions and lifestyle adjustments that would optimize the conditions for normal function, including Emotional Clearing. Using this unique approach, Dr. Duffy is able to help you to accelerate and/or maintain your journey to good health.

Djuna Roberts
I use a variety of natural healing modalities that are safe and
effective compliments to traditional medicine. Your wellness will be
approached professionally, holistically and compassionately. Let's see
if we can design a treatment plan that is right for you. If you would
like to bring more balance, peace, and vitality to all parts of your
life then contact me! Some of the holistic modalities I use include:
Emotional Clearing, Wellness Coaching, Energy Work, Reiki, Meditation, and supplement these with flower essences, essential oils and herbal medicine consultation.

Dada Vidyananda
Being directly initiated in the Tantra Yoga Tradition by the Indian
philosopher P.R. Sarkar, I have practiced and instructed Tantra as a
Yogic monk over the past 25 years. This has given me the foundation on guiding others on the path of light. In addition to the EC approach I use Mantra Therapy and Nadi Yoga (visualizing the movement of Prana in the energy channels) as methods to go beyond the mind and discover a former unknown inner well-being. In this process you will gain a new
understanding of what really matters and it brings forward an eagerness to
establish a loving relationship of intimacy with the Divine. Languages: English, German, Spanish

Carol Baccile
I am an Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Teacher. My services include Akashic Records Readings Angel Card Readings, Emotional Clearing, Life Purpose Readings, Energy Healing, and Spiritual Teaching. I am here to help you transform your life from struggle and discontent to joy, abundance, and inner peace. I will help you align with your true self through caring and understanding intuitive readings, emotional clearing, and energy healing. I am dedicated to your emotional and spiritual wellbeing and I look forward to taking you on this journey of self-discovery and healing. Are you ready to remember who you really are and create the life you've always wanted?

Michael Harris
Michael Harris graduated Summa Cum Laude from Jordan Energy Institute in 1984 with a bachelor of Renewable Energy Engineering Technology. He worked in the engineering, contracting and public utility realms for 20 years before starting Harris Management Services, LLC, a sustainability consulting firm dedicated to strengthening the link between individual wellness and growth, and the cultural transformation from the dominant empire paradigm to Earth Community. He is the president of the Earth Charter Community of the Lower Valley, Inc. He has an MBA from the University of Connecticut and is a Certified Emotional Clearing Facilitator.

Maria Cholko
I am passionate about this process for its ability to reach the root of the problem and produce meaningful, lasting and healing results. I am here to help with any of your Emotional Clearing needs but as a mother of a son with PTSD, I am very interested in working with children and teens that have behavioral issues due to anxiety, trauma or abuse.

Ivonne Pokorny
Emotional Clearing Facilitator, Artist, Painter, Designer, Art & Yoga Teacher, Karuna Reiki Master / Teacher. Light and Love passes through me and through my work to uplift and enlighten the ones who seek and welcome transformation.
Languages: English, German, Czech

Marie-Therese Hediger
I see myself as a traveling companion for you on your pilgrim's journey. We walk together towards the holy place in us, where self-acceptance can rise and love grows. As we start we mostly have to dig into the morass of suffering, of emotions, or even illness. I keep a safe place for you and guide you through a deep transformational experience. Coming from Yoga and Meditation, with a background of a body-centered therapeutic training called Core Evolution, I use the precise tools of Emotional Clearing to activate your self-supporting Process. My mother tongue is German, I speak English and French additionally.
Issy Clarke
I use Emotional Clearing as my primary healing modality as I find it an incredibly powerful and adaptable tool. It sits well with my personal yoga and meditation practices. This treatment is astonishingly effective - and it seems to mirror for people my continuing work with animals. Certain forms of bodywork brings animals into a healing alpha state, with benefits very reminiscent to Emotional Clearing. I bring to human clients, as to the animals, compassionate, empathic and non-judgmental curiosity - and I truly feel that my understanding of emotions as body-based feelings enhances my Emotional Clearing work.
Aleksandra Rechtman
I have been a therapist and healer for the last 15 years. I combine Emotional Clearing and EFT which are the two most effective techniques for self-development, healing trauma and emotional work I have studied. I have special interest in working with people who experience anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, social phobia, health anxiety or anger issues. For women that includes also working with the mother wound, issues to do with with your relationship with your mother and its wider personal, social and spiritual aspects. I look forward to connecting with you and helping you overcome any obstacles to happiness and fulfilment. Languages: English, Polish

Malcolm Buckley
Malcolm is a highly respected, authentic Psychic & Medium. For 20 years, he has been helping clients from all over the world find reassurance, comfort and direction in their lives. If during an Emotional Clearing session, his guides make him aware of an spirit attachment to you, in a totally safe and loving process the attached entity can be released and directed towards the light while you remain safe and protected. An Emotional Clearing session with Malcolm will enable you to make a dramatic shift into a new awareness, allowing you to retake complete control of your feelings & emotions, so they will cease having control over you.

Daniel Dzikowski
Daniel brings his own practical experience into the emotional clearing process. He has used this work in a variety of different arenas including business, parenting and health improvement. He has also worked with people in a group setting, using guided meditation practices for creating an environment of change within all individuals. He currently resides in London and runs Saturday morning workshops for those interested in releasing their trapped emotions.


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Caroline Power

Sharon McKerchar

Zoey Gennat

Dada Vidyananda

Calgary, Alb
Lisa Brown

Eric Crowell
Awesome Journey Inc.

Vancouver, BC


Toronto, Ont
Veronica Ciandre

Burlington, Ont
Lorena Colarusso

Regina, Sas
Nicole Garnsey

Thunder Bay, Ont
Jocelyn Burkhart

Victor Tan

Sri Rajasekar


Daniel Dzikowski

Aleksandra Rechtman

Jan Payne

Brendan Sheppard-Baker

North Yorkshire
Yvonne Hughes

Sarah Faulkner

Issy Clarke

Marie-Therese Hediger

Eva Brinckmann

Peer-Andre Grote

Margaret O Malley


Charity Cygal

Raven Manz

Leucadia / San Diego
Kanta Masters

Larry Robitz

Santa Monica
Meredith Sagan, MD

San Raphael
Gordon Blankenburg

San Francisco
Jeremy Marais

Dru Simms

Finnian Kelly

Robert Powers

Sydney Bergen

Tom Wells

East Haddam
Mike Harris

Karen Stresau

Lisa Linley

Steven Frischling

John Duffy D.C.

Ann Arbor
Glen Burdick

Grand Rapids
Teya de Jager

Ester Gorsky

Lorna Koestner

St. Paul
Emmy Vadnais

Sara Daly

Bozeman, Livingston and Emigrant
Hettie Jans Wortelboer, LCPC
406 223 0206

New Jersey
Little Falls
Chuck Barbarow

New Mexico
Santa Fe
Sarah Fontaine

New York
New York City
John Ruskan

Martha Crampton, Ph.D.

Tomar Levine

Ivonne Pokorny

Consuelo Casarotto, Acupuncturist

Connie Gulino

North Carolina
Djuna Roberts

Christopher Watts

Mary Cave

Carol D. Baccile

Maria L. Cholko

South Carolina
Cathy Cash

Rosie Taylor

Barb Anderson MA, LMHC

Angela Hiroshima