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Emotional Clearing Training for Hypnotherapists

From John Ruskan:

I have deep respect for the field of Hypnotherapy. In 1997, a few years after my book Emotional Clearing first came out, I was invited to make a presentation at the annual American Institute of Hypnotherapy (AIH) conference in Irvine, California. Dr. A. M. Krasner was then head of the organization. I was flattered that Dr. Krasner had thought enough of my work to invite me to the conference. He obviously felt that what I had to teach could be of value to a working hypnotherapist.

My presentation was well-attended, and in the two hours I had, I introduced the Emotional Clearing Process and gave a demonstration. As I left the conference, I took with me a number of books on hypnotherapy that I eagerly anticipated studying. Among them was Dr. Krasner's book about basic hypnotherapy called The Wizard Within.

I remember a few points from The Wizard Within that made an impression on me. First was his emphatic recommendation that whenever strong feelings came up during a trance session to immediately stop the session because hypnotherapists did not have the training to work on a feeling level with clients.

The other important point I remember that was that, in his view, meditation, hypnosis, and trance were all basically the same thing - a shifting of brainwaves to the Alpha level. Once you got to the Alpha level, however, you might use this altered state of consciousness in different ways.

You, as a Hypnotherapist, may not now be using the trance state to access and release emotions and feelings. If you are mostly focused on traditional modes of therapy, you are using scripts to induce a positive experience in order to displace negative, painful memories. If you are incorporating NLP, you are still basically attempting to recondition or replace the negative.

Certainly you can have success with these modalities, but the Emotional Clearing Process offers what I believe to be a better alternative. Emotional Clearing Facilitator training is a way to move to and work on the feeling level. In the Emotional Clearing Process, we go deep into feelings - in trance - and apply a process that leads to a natural, organic, holistic resolution. We don't make any attempt to recondition the negative, and in fact I would tend to regard reconditioning as a limited approach. It's my belief that the negative subconscious cannot be reconditioned but must be healed directly by other means.

Bringing light, or awareness, to the negative is a step in the right direction. But even better is bringing acceptance and the act of conscious experiencing, also known as witnessing. When negative feelings are experienced with awareness, acceptance, and witnessing, without blame or avoidance, healing takes place. This is how Emotional Clearing uses the trance state.

This work gives you tools to confidently work on a feeling level. You don't have to stop the session when feelings come up, thinking yourself unqualified. You can build upon the skills you already have and become expert at handling negative feelings, including trauma of all types. Painful suppressed feelings are always at the bottom of any undesirable behavior, and when those feelings are released, the behavior changes spontaneously.

I would love to welcome you to our family of Certified Emotional Clearing Facilitators.

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