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Recent EC Graduates Speak:

Do you want to improve your life and contribute something precious to your loved ones? Do you want to do some work that enriches you and your clients emotionally and spiritually and get paid for it?

Seriously consider studying the book Emotional Clearing by John Ruskan and taking his professional Emotional Clearing Facilitator training.

However, prepare yourself to do some serious work. This is not a superficial self-help system of 10 easy rules to acquire riches and romance. The concepts require some dedicated thought and practice. And you may have to live with them for a while before the implications of what he teaches really penetrates. People who are genuinely looking for answers that can transform them will not be deterred.

At the heart of his system is learning the skill of experiencing and accepting feeling, witnessing it from the viewpoint of the Higher Self and allowing the energies to integrate, or you could say, to be transformed. What this means and does not mean requires a lot of his book and much of his class to clarify. But this is the genius of the teaching. It is detailed and comprehensive, where others are vague and unreliable. Are thoughts and feelings handled the same or differently? If we are upset, should we tell others? What is the cause of our negative feelings and experiences? To what degree must we assume responsibility for them? Do affirmations work and why or why not? What is the relation of this work to the spiritual path? What is the use of yoga and astrology in psychological work? How can we make use of spiritual guides and ascended masters?

In the end, however, the proof is in the pudding. After over a year of studying the book, doing the meditations, and taking the class which required almost 30 sessions of Emotional Clearing, I can bear witness that this stuff delivers. I feel stronger physically, emotionally, and even intellectually, I have helped myself and I feel confident that I can help others.

If you feel ready for a challenge and a higher level of existence, step into the heady atmosphere of the illumination and empowerment of John Ruskan's Emotional Clearing book and Facilitator training.

Sara Daly
Emigrant, Montana



Training to learn the methods and techniques of the Emotional Clearing Process has had a transforming effect on my life. I feel it was no coincidence that I was brought to this unique work at just the right time in my life. The training has fit nicely into my education as I complete my Masters in Psychology in March 2004, my Counseling Certificate in September 2004, and finally, I take my State-licensing exam where I can then begin a therapy practice.

When I first read an article written by an individual who had gone through the Emotional Clearing experience, I was completely in awe of the writer's experience, feeling it was very similar to some of the experiences I had been going through in my life. It wasn't until 2 years later that I was actually brought to the book itself, Emotional Clearing, and then another year before I was fortunate enough to grab onto the professional training as well.

The work has transformed my life in so many positive and expansive ways. I have become much more in tuned with my body's wisdom (i.e., whether I am relaxed, whether or not my muscles are tensing, or my breathing natural?) and understanding my feelings with more acuity and clarity (i.e., am I blocked? resistant? Is my energy flowing?). One of the most important things John taught me was to understand how to own my feelings on a deeper level, rather than trying to push my feelings onto others in the form of projection, or blame. Now, if I find myself in judgment of others I am more aware of what I'm doing and quick to make the necessary changes to move away from judgment and blame. I now know how important it is to examine at the deepest level where my feelings are coming from, and why, so that I can better understand them, accept them, integrate and release them.

I have also learned that the key is not to resist or rebel against our emotions, or to try to get around them, but to accept them directly, as they are. That emotions are simply energy in motion, and need to go somewhere. When we refuse to experience them, we block them up, and this is where all of us get into trouble in our lives. I feel it is so important to identify what our emotional baggage is because we can then view our lives based on current information instead of being captive by our past. And our feelings are our most genuine path to this knowledge.

I have learned that our inner guidance comes to us through our feelings and body wisdom first – not through intellectual understanding. That the intellect works best in service to our intuition, our inner guidance or our higher power, whichever term we choose to use. Another payoff for me is that I am becoming more disciplined with allowing time on a regular basis for meditation practice. I enjoy using the breathing techniques as well as The Witness. I also enjoy using the mother earth energy and the archetype masculine sun energy in my meditations and reflective quiet times, all of which help to calm me, relax me, and help me restore peace and balance in my life. All of this of course, makes me a better person, which rubs off on my loved ones, my work, my community and ultimately, our world.

Thank you, John, for bringing this important work to us all. I feel your work is an opportunity for a New Spirituality to emerge into the world. I hope others see what I see in this inspiring approach and most hopeful solution in bringing us all closer to a greater understanding of our world and ourselves.

Barb Phipps MA, LMHC
Warrenville, Illinois

Emotional Clearing Master's Degree Thesis

Barb Phipps completed her Master's Degree program with a thesis on Emotional Clearing! The thesis includes a study which shows the effectiveness of the work, as well as her own interpretation of it from an analytical viewpoint. Download the entire 90 page thesis in PDF format.


As a professional coach to elite athletes and businesspeople with 12 years' experience, I've taken many training programs to enhance my effectiveness. In my opinion, John Ruskan's Emotional Clearing Training is both revolutionary and invaluable. Most therapeutic or coaching techniques are really strategies for working with the mind or intellect of the client; however, John's approach is different because he works at the level of the emotions and the spirit, where the true barriers to achievement and well-being lie. Using his methods, I am now able to help clients learn practices for processing their emotions...this is invaluable to them from both a healing and a performance perspective.

John is a marvelous facilitator. His sessions were well-organized and practical, and I felt very supported as an attendee. He is a wonderful teacher, and I am grateful I had the chance to be a part of his program.

Lisa Brown
President, Brown Performance Institute
Calgary, Alberta


I was drawn to Emotional Clearing by my own emotional crisis and was immediately struck by the clarity of the material. The theory and fundamentals are so well developed. The process is grounded in understanding and experience. It is not motivated by the need to make itself right. Rather, Emotional Clearing builds upon the best ancient, eastern and more contemporary western spiritual and psychological thinking and traditions, calmly weaving together universal truths, explaining how the parts relate and assemble into holistic completeness, and how we can as individuals – spiritual beings having a human experience - remember this wisdom and facilitate our growth through the ages. No small task!

Emotional Clearing's website is an excellent resource that offers a powerful gateway to the material. Upon learning all I could from it, I bought the book and simply continued following a path of wanting to know more, and better. This path has also included wanting to share the potential of Emotional Clearing, as well as the personal results achieved, with other people. Thus, enlisting in the Emotional Clearing Certification Program was a natural next step.

John Ruskan has a deep affection for people and mankind. His professional training takes the material and organizes it into a consistent, repeatable modality. The experience of attending the training is one of amazing energetic connection with both teacher and fellow students. My own motivation for initiating the training was to develop a greater facility with the concepts for use in my own life. This is indeed what is needed before being able to adequately offer it to others, and John is extremely helpful and attentive in making this happen. As a result, I have incorporated Emotional Clearing into my consulting business where it now plays a pivotal role.

Mike Harris
East Haddam, Ct.



There is a memory in each person, an emptiness, a longing that the life we are living is not all there is to living a life.  I do not remember when I first noticed the absence of complete satisfaction. As I began my quest for the good life, my thinking concentrated on getting things from the outside to fill the emptiness and the longings.  I was grounded in the belief that I was the master of my ship.  I lived for the future always expecting the good life to arrive when this or that appeared in my life.  The situation I was in never seemed be quite right. Along this road I built a career, established myself in the material world and raised a family.  Busyness took over my life. The years rolled by with great speed.  Time became the enemy.  Rush here, rush there, my life became rush, rush. The quite desperation was covered by the busy life style I had created and I longed for more leisure; thinking surely that would help.  I was convinced that if there was more time for something besides the business of working, caring for my family and caring for my things I could surely find peace and contentment.

Ah, but the memory is still faintly giving off a soft, subtle fragrance.  This memory reminds us of the emptiness and the longing for something we know we have lost or missed. This memory is almost completely lost inside the busyness. Only on sleepless nights, sometimes driving the car or waiting in line somewhere did it surface to haunt me.  Something was out of step, a little twisted, out of balance in this life I was galloping through. I had no clue what would make me happy or what I really wanted; and there was no time to look. I just knew in the gaps between events there must be something I had lost.  I had something when I was very little that did not exist now. Maybe it was an aliveness that exists as a presence.  Maybe it was simply being here with curiosity and enjoyment. Just being here with no idea why and not needing a reason to be here.  Maybe just maybe, there was a way of existing that called for little and yielded much.

The soul is sending messages on a daily basis through body sensations and feelings.  This emptiness and longing is a call from the soul. The intellect is constantly searching for the answer outside. Learning to read the messages from the soul and have comprehension is not as easy task and it requires time out from the outer life.  This work with John, for me, has been an intensive training on learning to read the messages that come to me moment to moment moving me into an intimate relationship with the self.  It is deeply experiencing what it means to be a Human Being by learning to become vulnerable and open to the sensations and feelings presented in everyday life. This work is subtle and deep; yet John leads his students in a manner that allows anyone to begin right where they are gaining benefit through opening to our personal and uniquely packaged information.

I have lived a normal life of reactions, defensiveness and blocks to being vulnerable until through the pressures of living they no longer worked. The jumbled mess of repressed material would no longer tolerate being ignored.  The quite desperation that lived in the background moved to the foreground.  I was moving to live from the inside out instead of the outside in.  The skills for this journey I did not have. Living in resistance brought me into conscious contact with a suffering loop.  Stepping into the vulnerability of being Human is the gift John offered me.  He took my hand in a process of self discovery that I will continue through this life.  Not always is it pleasant; there are layers and layers of sensations and feelings not yet fully experienced.  To be fully Human means for me to be willing to live the process of self discovery moment to moment. I have developed a curiosity and interest in finding my personal truth; fully comprehending it and allowing this to transform my life.  The messages arrive in a personal code as I willingly remain present.  I am learning to remain awake to the subtleties of experience.  There are no lights flashing or lightening bolts. Just soft whispering of the soul, just the faint memories of another way of being if I am willing to remain open to what is.

Cathy Cash
Campobello, SC




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