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Attention: Therapists, Healers, Yoga Teachers, Body Workers

Begin, Enhance, or Expand your Healing Practice by becoming a

Professional Certified Emotional Clearing Facilitator (CECF)

Be more confident working with feelings and emotions.

Break through the barriers for real success.

8 Week 60 hour Zoom Training Program
with John Ruskan

Next training starts June 4, 2024

Cost: $950


the Emotional Clearing Facilitator Professional Training
Year Founded: 1998
Model of Therapy: Emotional Clearing Process

Although psychotherapy today is primarily concerned with feelings, it is often confined to an intellectual-cognitive level. The Emotional Clearing Process (ECP) provides the working therapist with insights and training in how to confidently take therapy to the experiential feeling level, where authentic healing takes place. In harmony with the values of traditional humanistic psychology as well as the holistic evolutionary journey, ECP goes deep to affect a lasting transformation.

ECP is an inner-directed approach. The facilitator guides the client into a deep alpha-state relaxation with eyes closed, similar to a meditative or hypnotic state. By relaxing the conscious mind, the subconscious suppressed negativity behind the client's issues comes to the surface, in the form of feelings and emotions, including traumatic memories, which are then released by means of the process. The therapist is thoroughly trained in how to bring the client into the alpha-state relaxation with the proprietary Emotional Clearing Induction, how to evoke the negative subconscious, and how to work with whatever will emerge. All levels of trauma, repression, and dysfunction can be addressed with this modality.

The Emotional Clearing Process can augment or surpass other emotionally-based modalities such as EMDR and EFT by giving the therapist an in-depth approach which does not just mechanically apply techniques. ECP can deepen and extend your capacity to work with feelings, and provides a holistic East/West framework that many clients now seek. Therapists who are not fully on board with Eastern concepts such as chakras, psychic energies, or 'higher consciousness' can effectively work on a psychological level without reference to esoteric material.

The Emotional Clearing Process starts with the assumption that we are prevented from obtaining fulfillment by trapped negative feeling energy within. When these negative feelings are released, we easily achieve our goals and find contentment. On the contrary, if the feelings are not released, no matter how hard we try to improve ourselves or how hard we work, we will be limited in our success.

ECP is a cutting-edge, feeling-oriented, inner-directed, mindfulness-based system to access and release the negative subconscious. It is in stark contrast to left-brain, cognitive types of therapy. This training develops right-brain, feeling-oriented skills in the practitioner, enabling them to confidently engage and guide a client on a deep, inner, subjective feeling level, where true psychological healing takes place. The system seamlessly integrates foundational Eastern metaphysical concepts such as the chakra system, body/mind energetics and other esoteric principles with classic humanistic Western psychological concepts such as the subconscious shadow and the projection mechanism.

The paradigm of the Emotional Clearing Process: The cause of dysfunction, depression, various mental/emotional disorders and self-limiting patterns of behavior is the containment of and unconscious defense against unreleased psychic-emotional feeling energy trapped in the subconscious bodymind.

Bringing the subconscious, suppressed energy into consciousness will effect the release. The release is caused by the true experiencing of the feelings - not necessarily or primarily by expressing the feelings. Experiencing completes the cycle, and the energy is exhausted.

Accessing an altered-state right-brained mode of awareness puts us in touch with subconscious suppressed material and enables us to be at peace with the most difficult feelings. Left brain functions - thinking, analyzing, willfulness - must yield to right brain functions - feeling, intuiting, surrendering, transcending - for the process to proceed.

The five steps of the Emotional Clearing Process provide a working matrix for the resolution of the suppression:
Deep Relaxation, Awareness, Acceptance, Direct Experience, Witnessing. The Emotional Clearing Process is not a discussion; it is an experience - the experience of the suppressed subconscious in Alpha. It is primarily through total acceptance of what is, on the feeling level, that we facilitate the experiencing, and set the stage for change to occur spontaneously.

If you are interested in the program, you may want to get a copy of John's new book DEEP CLEARING, which explains the process in detail, and from which you can get valuable insights about working on the right-brain feeling level with clients. Then, if you feel so inclined, please join our program by filling out the registration form to get started.


The Emotional Clearing Certification Program

Acquire the tools and training to start working as a professional Certified Emotional Clearing Facilitator (CECF). This cutting-edge guided inner-process work will become more and more in demand as consciousness is raised about the importance of working with the emotions.

You can arrange your new practice as you need. You may be aiming to make a full-time career change to a humanistic occupation more in line with the journey of self-discovery on which you are traveling. The program will support you fully in this goal.

You may already be a practicing psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, or bodyworker and desire to add this powerful feeling-based modality to your repertoire of skills. You can run individual counseling sessions as well as group sessions. Group sessions work well for Yoga teachers, for example, and will lead to individual counseling requests.

The program accommodates both beginner therapists and those already with a practice. It has been found that working therapists, while already possessing certain skills, need the full program to activate new Right-Brain skills required for Emotional Clearing practice.

These skills may also be applied as an adjunct to other helping professions such as teaching or nursing. The program is structured as a training in professional client work.


Program Description

The training meets on Zoom for 8 consecutive weeks, with John Ruskan leading. We usually will try to meet at 12 noon New York time, but the day of the week and time are flexible and can be adjusted to accommodate individual needs. We will find a start date acceptable for everyone. These groups are small, usually with around 6 participants.

The training consists of a weekly 1-2 hour Zoom meeting with John and the current training group; an extensive written training manual; recorded mp3 discussions and group inductions by John; and recorded counseling sessions for study. In addition, you will be participating in 3 practice trainee sessions per week.

Total time required for the training is estimated at 7.5 hours per week, for 8 weeks, for a total of 60 hours.

Weekly Hours Breakdown:

Zoom meeting: 1-2

Recorded mp3 discussion, manual study and group induction: 1.5

Recorded sample counseling session: 1

3 Trainee counseling sessions: 3

No traveling is required; we will convene via group conference call on Zoom. You can be located anywhere on the planet. We will adjust the meeting day and times to accommodate everyone. If you are unable to attend the Zoom meetings, you can still participate; we will send you recordings of the meetings, you can email in questions that John will address in the meetings, and you can still participate in the session exchange between trainees, which is one of the most important aspects of the program.

The total cost of the program is $950.

John personally leads the entire training with occasional assistance from other graduate Emotional Clearing Facilitators.



Week 1: The Emotional Clearing Alpha Induction

Week 2: Basic Assumptions; Unconditional Presence; Dialoguing Skills

Week 3: Non-Directive Processing; Types of Feelings; Third Eye

Week 4: Directive Processing; the Steps of the Emotional Clearing Process

Week 5: Addictions and Compulsive Acting-Out

Week 6: Speaking to the Subconscious

Week 7: Core Energy Healing for Physical Ailments

Week 8: Regression; the Child; Past Lives



Previous training, academic degrees, or other professional credentials are not required for acceptance or success in the program. A strong motivation to do the work, natural aptitude, considerable life experience, and/or a solid spiritual practice are more relevant. Careful study of Emotional Clearing by John Ruskan (Random House 2000 hardcover edition or R. Wyler & Co. 2003 paperback edition) or preferably John's new book Deep Clearing 2021 is required for training.



Between training weekends you will give and receive Emotional Clearing sessions with other trainees and clients. You will not only be undergoing facilitator training but the sessions you receive will provide a huge boost to your personal process. You can expect to be involved with a minimum of three sessions per week for eight weeks, for a total of 24 sessions:

8 Emotional Clearing sessions giving to an intern (minimum)
8 Emotional Clearing sessions receiving from an intern (minimum)
8 Emotional Clearing sessions giving to an outside client (minimum)

Trainees are encouraged to take part in client work and exchange therapy sessions with each other beyond the minimum requirement to enhance skills and personal growth; this is a valuable opportunity that should not be missed.

Trainees are strongly encouraged to maintain a dedicated personal practice at home during the entire internship period. Network email contact with other trainees and John will provide the support that can be vital to maintain the practice and feedback for getting past any blocks that may occur. Experiencing a personal practice with such support is invaluable in training, not only for growth, but because the therapist will be acting as the support for clients who will similarly be encouraged to maintain a dedicated personal practice while undergoing counseling.



Trainings take place via Zoom video - no traveling is required. It has been found that working long-distance, while somewhat different from in-person work, is without question equally effective, and offers enormous flexibility and convenience that works well with this program; the energetic transmission that is the essence of Emotional Clearing work is not limited by space.

The conferencing meetings themselves are intimate, and you will soon lose any apprehension you might have about not being there "in person." Since our groups are small, and you continue to work with each other during the intern program, a genuine bonding occurs. This bonding can be extended into permanent professional relationships with fellow interns.


Included in the program:

60 training hours.
The proprietary CECF training manual pdf file and mp3 recordings.
Lifetime posting of your name on the www.emclear website for client referrals.
A two page promotional brochure you may distribute to attract clients.
A certificate suitable for framing as a "Certified Emotional Clearing Facilitator."
Access to additional audio recordings of sample counseling sessions given by John to previous trainees.



The total cost of the CECF program is $950 (U.S. Dollars) .



Next 8 week training starts June 4, 2024.


To register, fill out the Registration Form. You will hear back from us within a few days. If you don't hear back, drop us an email.

After receiving and approving your registration form, we will request the deposit in order to reserve your space.



Pay on the Order page with credit/debit card or paypal

Deposit: $350.

Balance: $600 due prior to training start.


If you need to email:
Put EC TRAINING in the subject line.



In line with the standard for professional psychology trainings, there will be no refunds after training materials (manual and mp3's) have been sent out. These materials are proprietary and considered to be worth the cost of the training by themselves. However, if we are unable to hold the training, full refunds will be made.



Upon successful completion, you become a Certified Emotional Clearing Facilitator (CECF), with the right to advertise with the Emotional Clearing logo and to conduct individual and group sessions within the legal framework for which you are qualified in your location. CECF certification does not satisfy any US state requirement for licensing, although at present anyone may work in most states without licensing as a counselor or facilitator. All CECF's are required to know the law in their own location and to strictly abide by it.

Participation in the program does not guarantee certification, but only rarely will a participant be denied certification. If certification is withheld, the participant will be advised of the reason. Participants will not be allowed to continue in the program if their participation is in any way disruptive as determined by John. There will be no refund for any programs taken or not taken.

Certification may be revoked at any time for any reason including behavior that may legally jeopardize The Institute for Emotional Clearing, or for gross incompetence or misconduct.



Currently, no ceu's are available for the program.


Computer Requirements

You must have easy access to a private, reliable computer, good internet connection, recent Zoom version, USB-connected headset, and email service in order to participate in the program.

All normal communication with John takes place via email. There is no additional literature that will be sent out regarding the program; all info is posted here at the www.emclear website.