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This new book expands on the Emotional Clearing Process. It describes the work in stages, starting with an easy to understand basic strategy for releasing negative feelngs, proceeding into more detailed levels for advanced practitioners.




Are you ready for real inner work?

Have you been on the Eastern spiritual path, inadvertently bypassing negative emotions?

Have you been involved with intellectual Western psychotherapy that did not operate on the emotional level?

Do you hunger for psychologically substantial in-depth information and super-effective guidance as you work on yourself?

Are you trying to sort out all the possible options of the New Age?

Are you unsure of how to proceed as you approach healing Eckhart Tolle's Pain Body?

"Ruskan's Emotional Clearing is full of useful insights into emotional healing, and he deserves a wide audience among both psychotherapists and yogis alike."
Yoga Journal



What the Emotional Clearing Process will do for you

Based on a unique fusion of proven Eastern spiritual and Western psychological principles, ECP provides you with a powerful, easy-to-use inner process that will enable you to release the built-up, negative subconscious.

You apply this process either on your own, or with assistance in the form of pre-recorded guided sessions, or with a live Emotional Clearing Facilitator.

• An EAST/WEST inner-directed method for releasing negative feelings and awakening unconditional happiness.

• Teaches you how to release and prevent negative feelings like fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, inadequacy, sexual issues, or depression from contaminating your life and relationships.

• Shows you how to manage your life so you don't create more negative feelings that become trapped in the subconscious, building up and creating the PAIN BODY.

• Gives you a highly effective consciousness-based EAST/WEST self-therapy system that releases deep, trapped, Karmic negative feelings.

• Enables you to work on your emotional self as part of your spiritual practice.

• Empowers you to achieve goals by clearing inner blocking.

• Teaches you how to dissolve stress and learn to relax.

Let Random House author John Ruskan show you how

from John Ruskan-

I know you want to find a way to improve yourself and your life. You want to make the most out of this short time we have on the earth. You want to evolve. You want to be happy. You want to go beyond struggle.

Many times, we think we need to attain some outer goal before we can be happy. We think that if we only had that perfect relationship with our spouse, lover, co-workers, or children, we'd be happy. Or if we only had that better job, more money, more recognition, more sex, and so on.

The real secret is that you don't need any of these things to be happy.

You just need to release the negative feelings inside that you think the external things will make better.

You can work on these feelings directly to achieve lasting relief and UNCONDITIONAL HAPPINESS.

'Unconditional' means that your happiness is not based on external conditions, but comes from the inside, independent of the external.

But the amazing thing is that as you start to release negative feelings by going inside and working with them, you also start to release the BLOCKING that has been preventing you from achieving outer goals!

You find yourself more easily achieving outer goals, as if they are just being brought to you, and at the same time you become less compulsive about attaining the outer goals.

You become a well-balanced, non-compulsive, happy human being 

ECP offers distinctive and well-informed insights about transformational psychology. For example, lately there's been a lot of talk about the Law of Attraction.

The Truth about the Law of Attraction

It's true that what you hold within creates your external experience, including what you attract to yourself. But this spiritual principle has been simplified and distorted in order to give it mass commercial appeal. Lately it's been taught that just by visualizing an image in your mind, or thinking the correct thoughts, you will attract what you want.

The way it really works is that it's the energy that's buried deep in the subconscious that attracts things to you. And if this energy is negative - painful, angry, fearful, full of failure, etc - that's what you draw to yourself.

The subconscious, as you've probably heard, is much vaster than the conscious mind, and therefore easily overpowers it. Simply holding positive thoughts in the conscious mind cannot subdue the subconscious, and in fact, when you try to hold a positive image or thought in your mind which is contradicted by the subconscious, the subconscious negativity is stirred up and starts to work against you, attracting exactly what you don't want!

The negative energy that is stored in the subconscious becomes known to us as feelings and emotions. That's why we emphasize clearing feelings and emotions as the means to releasing inner negativity.

Let me say it again, differently

When negative feelings are not handled properly, they do not release, but get stored in latent form in what has come to be called "the subconscious," or, in Eckhart Tolle's terminology, the Pain Body. Even feelings from years, or life-times ago, are stored in the subconscious. Thoughts do not have this characteristic. And what exactly is stored?

Feelings are composed of energy, and as this energy continues to build in the subconscious, it starts to act out. It's the energy of the feelings that influences us, coloring our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, our health, and eventually attracting negative circumstances.

Like attracts like; and it's the negative feeling energy in the subconscious that attracts negative circumstances. Negative feelings in the subconscious easily overpower any contrary thought that might be held in the conscious mind in order to attract positive conditions. We continue to attract negative conditions and experiences, based on the negative feelings trapped in the subconscious. In the East, this phenomenon is called Karma.

I have seen over and over, both in myself and the clients I work with, that favorable circumstances arise spontaneously when negative feelings are released. There is no need to laboriously try to hold positive thoughts in the mind, which only adds to left-brain stress and a sense of becoming isolated in your mind, losing touch with reality, and increasing the ego-driven self-orientation which all true schools of consciousness development teach you to transcend.

In fact, because of the law of Duality, holding positive thoughts in the mind to try to counter negative feeling energies in the subconscious will only stir up those negative feelings and attract more negativity!

The important thing to get is that negative feelings cannot be eliminated by trying to cultivate positive thoughts or feelings to replace or recondition the negative.

Negative feelings must be released directly by some kind of process based on a sophisticated understanding of how the subconscious works.


Achieve Emotional Independence

Learn how to manage, transcend, & clear negative feelings.
Stop being the victim.
Prevent negative feelings from leading to destructive behavior.
Maintain tranquility in the face of difficult experiences.
Learn how to withdraw your projections.


From John Ruskan: How I Originated the
Emotional Clearing Process and How It Works

It's 1988. I'm at a point in my life of reassessment - of looking at where I am and wondering why I'm there. I've been earnestly "on the path" for a while, so an important part of my self-evaluation concerns what we loosely call the "spiritual." Have I really achieved anything in the way of growth? Am I succeeding in my efforts of self-realization? As I look honestly at myself, I see areas that call out in distress.

I see that I am often angry. I see that I experience much pain in intimate relationships. I see that I am isolated, lonely, and living in anxiety if not downright fear. All this even though I'm trying my best to keep up a dedicated meditation and Yoga practice, trying to be conscious of the Karma I am generating, trying to be a "loving and spiritual" person. One of the few consoling realizations is that I am certainly not alone. As I look at others, I see the same if not exaggerated condition.

What I see is that we are all in emotional turmoil, including, and possibly especially, those of us on the consciousness path, because we are in the process of leaving behind old rigid structures that have served to keep us propped up and feelings held down and suppressed. It seems to me that if we could resolve these feelings, we would be doing something very important.

With regard to my personal path, I now see that resolving feelings is primary. I was taught to aim for higher consciousness, to become a loving and blissful person, but I was never taught how to handle the negative feelings inside as part of my spiritual practice. I finally had to admit that there was work to do on the emotional level, and that my growth will be limited until I do it, and that my particular discipline was not equipped to help me with this, beyond encouraging me to replace negative feelings with love.

  I now see why the emotional level is so important. The emotional planes come before the spiritual. In our journey of consciousness, we must clear the planes in ascending order: physical, emotional, mental, intellectual and spiritual.

Bypassing emotional work is not an option. If we aim for the "spiritual" with no attention to feelings, we are bound to be unstable in our growth. We are likely to end up suppressing feelings in the name of spirituality, and the suppressed negative subconscious will continue to plague us.

In the healing community, another important realization about feelings has been emerging lately. More and more, we hear of the connection between suppressed feelings and poor health. Healing professionals are venturing the idea that in order to resolve health issues, we must resolve the emotional issues behind them. The awareness is growing that the unreleased and trapped negative emotional energy keeps building inside and eventually manifests in the physical.

Achieve Vibrant Health

Contact the 3 healing energies of the universe.
Focus the healing energies into your body.
Release the suppressed psychic-emotional energy that results in disease.
Understand how chronic conditions represent major Karmic life clearing missions and how to handle them.
How to handle pain so it results in Karmic clearing and not merely suffering.

However, when I would read these statements in the past, I would usually be confused and disappointed. It was now clear to me that working on the emotional level was something I had neglected and must do, but none of these spokespersons really had anything to offer in the way of actually how this might be accomplished, aside from the vague suggestion that feelings should be expressed and not held in.

What did express mean? Should I be more emotional? Should I lash out, should I hurt people who hurt me, should I yell and attack and get it off my chest? Should I be always out front and discuss all my feelings, or should I just get into therapy? And if so, what kind of therapy? Many of these possible alternatives clashed with higher principles that were now a part of my life. I felt that I was on my own.

Although emotional healing has always been an important goal of Western psychotherapy, this did not seem like an answer for me. While I was sure that therapy could be helpful to certain people at certain times, my situation did not seem urgent enough to warrant a therapist - actually, I felt better than normal.

Therapy was also expensive and could only be undertaken for limited periods, and I was by no means convinced that it was the way to emotional well-being. Many of my friends who were in therapy were still greatly troubled by negative emotions. It's now apparent to me that most talk therapies never really touch feelings, something I have heard over and over in my counseling practice from clients who spent years in therapy.

What I wanted was an approach that I could use all the time, on my own. It was also important for me to integrate my emotional work with my consciousness work and I could not see how to do this in traditional therapy. Seeing no clear direction, I decided that I must break new ground.

"Ruskan has achieved a challenging and difficult task,
clarifying the interface between Eastern spiritual tradition
and Western psychology."
Dr. Harville Hendrix,
author of Getting The Love You Want
and founder of Imago Relationship Therapy

It's still 1988. I'm intently searching for a way to put this together. I come into contact with a teacher who seems to be presenting Eastern philosophy in a new way. I already know a lot about Eastern philosophy, so much that I hadn't read any for years, but all of what I had been exposed to was old school, if I may use that term.

The old school never really recognized negative feelings - just be spiritual, it said. If you felt angry, be loving. In other words, suppress your anger. This new teacher had things to say that I had never heard. Maybe I was just never ready to hear before now, but the revolution was beginning within me.

I started having tremendous insights. I realized that a large part of how I saw the world and how I experienced my interactions with others was based on projection. In projection, it would appear that someone or something was responsible for my experience. In other words, I believed that someone or something was making me angry, lonely, afraid, hateful, depressed and so on.

What I realized was that these feelings were actually coming from my suppressed emotional subconscious and just attaching to people and circumstances outside myself. Taking it a step further, I could see how I attracted difficult people and circumstances to myself that corresponded to the feelings. Why would I do this, I asked? The answer came that it was in order to bring up the suppressed feelings for clearing.

A large light went on.

You mean I attract these difficult people and situations to myself in order to bring up those suppressed, negative feelings from my subconscious for clearing? Yes, the answer came.

And if I don't take advantage of this opportunity to clear the feelings, I'll continue to attract this same type of person and circumstance to myself, over and over? Yes, the answer came.

This is starting to sound something like Karma. Yes, the answer came.

I was stunned.

For the first time, I saw the connection between the Karma of the East and the suppressed emotional subconscious of the West. For the first time, I saw the complete implication and importance of taking responsibility for my emotional experience. And at the same time how I never took responsibility! How I would blame, blame, blame, and unconsciously blame more.

As the fog lifted and what was to become the Emotional Clearing Process started to come together in my brain, I saw that the first step to working on my emotional self was the meditative state or Deep Relaxation. I naturally started to use breath and body techniques that I had learned in my Yoga practice to facilitate Deep Relaxation, even incorporating Binaural Beat Technology to help induce Alpha.

1. Deep Relaxation

In Deep Relaxation, brainwaves slow down to the Alpha level (8-13 cps) or deeper. This corresponds to a quieting of left-brain, ego-based activity: Thinking, reasoning, planning, judging, worrying, and above all, doing, diminish. Consciousness starts to shift to the right-brain, the seat of authentic feeling.

The right-brain Alpha state is essential for emotional healing. The quieting of the left-brain mind allows you to operate on the feeling level, accessing and releasing the deep, hidden, core feelings that are behind the painful events you draw to yourself.

2. Awareness

After Relaxation, the next step is Awareness. This consists of several parts:

1. Become aware of the feeling behind the event.

2. Acknowledge how the feeling is coming from the suppressed, unconscious reservoir within, and is only being triggered by and projected onto the event, even attracting it to you.

3. Take responsibility for the feeling.

At this point, I saw my experience in a completely new way, but I still didn't know how to go about handling feelings so they did not become suppressed, or how to release already suppressed feelings as they came up for clearing.

Gradually, the light grew brighter. I saw that all we need to do is to experience feelings fully as they occur in order to clear them.

We think we are experiencing our feelings, but the problem is that we don't allow full feeling to occur; in fact, it is not unreasonable to assert that in today's world, most of us have actually lost the capacity for authentic feeling.

Rebuilding the capacity for authentic feeling

If full feeling occurs, the feeling energy is exhausted, and no suppression takes place. Feelings that have been suppressed must be brought into awareness and experienced to clear, but there are ways to do this that make it peaceful, even joyful, and not something to be dreaded.


It's our unconscious inner resistance to the feeling that blocks it from coming fully into consciousness so it can release spontaneously. We resist painful feelings instinctively, but we must learn that resistance is not always in our best interest.

Resistance itself constitutes most of the pain associated with any distressful emotional event.

If we can drop resistance, and open completely to the feeling, pain immediately lessens and clearing occurs, and we regain our feeling capacity.

3. Acceptance

I saw that the next step would be Acceptance. Acceptance means opening to your feelings - dropping the inner resistance. Acceptance does not necessarily mean accepting negative people or circumstances. It refers primarily to your feelings, as they are, relative to the negative people or circumstances.

The inner resistance that blocks full feeling occurs on a mental level but it can take a certain behavioral form, which may need to be adjusted. For example, we can turn from the experience of pain by immersing ourselves in activity. We can use food, drugs, sex, entertainment as diversions from feelings. As we act out feelings, i.e., as we are motivated by feelings into taking action to change circumstances in order to change the feeling, we essentially close down to the full experience of the feeling.

More subtle forms of emotional avoidance are worrying, controlling, living in the past or future, living according to rigid concepts, judging self and others, even constantly seeking the answer or talking about the feelings instead of feeling them. And, of course, last but most popular, relationship dependencies. All these are addictions; ways of unconsciously but deliberately avoiding the feelings.

Overcome Addiction & Substance Abuse

Use with addictions to Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking, Food, Sex.
Manage and transcend your addiction.
Reduce cravings.
Eliminate addictions by releasing the negative feelings behind them.
Release psychological addictions to people, power, money, fame, etc.

I realized that I had to train myself to weed out resistance and develop my capacity for feeling;  and that in my quest for the past 20 years, I had been doing the exact opposite - pushing away feelings as I chased after happiness, wholeness, and "enlightenment."

4. Direct Experience

The next step is to move into what I call Direct Experience of the feeling. We have softened our resistances and now can access feelings more deeply. As I explored exactly how to do this, it came most naturally to me to use meditation as a format for exploring and experiencing feelings. Indeed, at this point, I regard the metaphysical tools of the East, such as meditation, breathwork, and bodywork to be essential in this approach to clearing feelings. When used with emotional clearing as an intent, these tools greatly aid in both bringing up suppressed feelings and in the eventual clearing.

In Direct Experience, you sit quietly and allow the conscious mind to come to rest. You can use any technique you may know to enter the stillness. You don't even have to think of it as meditation if you happen to be allergic to that word - just think of it as sitting quietly, doing nothing. As you sit, feelings begin to emerge into your awareness. This is the releasing starting. The feelings are coming from the subconscious into conscious awareness for clearing. Any negative feeling can come up, such as anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, rejection, heartbreak, humiliation, loneliness, hatred, inadequacy, frustrations or abuse of any sort including sexual, even depression, etc.

If you sit and anger keeps jumping up from something that happened yesterday or ten years ago it means this feeling is coming up to be cleared. Allow the feeling to be, allow it to exist on its own. Try to see if it has a place it your body. Breathe into it. Just watch and experience the feeling. Look at the feeling from the perspective of the first two steps if you haven't already: Take responsibility for the feeling - stop blaming and own it; look within for the subtle inner resistance to the feeling that keeps the feeling blocked and replace the resistance with acceptance, to whatever extent possible for you now.

Allow the feeling to come forward fully. Don't be afraid of it. Keep working with the breath - breathing easily and smoothly with a sense of breathing into the feeling and the body location to further loosen the congested energy of the feeling. As you sit and open to and experience the feeling, it is clearing. Don't be alarmed if the feeling becomes intense. Allow yourself to go through it. The experience will naturally wind down and you will feel a shift - you will have released the feeling energy. It is likely you will have to repeat this at other times to completely release the suppressed feeling, and important life "clearing missions" may take years. But don't be dismayed. It is enough to know and feel that you are moving in the right direction.

Overcome Depression



Identify and release the unconscious suppressed feelings that cause your depression.
Activate authentic self-esteem by accepting and honoring all parts of yourself, including your painful feelings.
Approach and reverse depression from an energetic viewpoint.


As I worked with truly experiencing my feelings instead of ignorantly avoiding them as I previously had, I began to feel that I was starting to come alive. It became apparent that the blocking of the negative feelings due my unconscious resistance also blocked my positive experience and expression of life. I felt myself really growing. Difficult situations changed magically because I no longer needed to attract them.

5. Witnessing

As I shared these insights with others, I was overjoyed to see them respond the same way. As I kept working, however, it seemed that one more step was needed. This last step is Witnessing. It is a deliberate move to invoke transcendental healing energies, and takes place on the spiritual level. Using this power greatly aids in the clearing process.

Witnessing refers to a powerful shift of consciousness that awakens the transcendental spiritual energy in us, brings us into an Alpha healing state, and allows processing of difficult feelings to proceed easily. It means breaking the inner identification with the feeling; owning the feeling, but seeing it in a detached manner. It's a concrete, tangible experience of shifting from lower-self consciousness to higher-self consciousness.

When you're in the witness, you feel genuinely serene, peaceful, and accepting, no matter what's going on in your lower-self emotions. Therefore, establishing yourself in the witness is a preliminary to working with negative feelings. You'll feel safe and confident as you approach feelings. If you ever feel yourself getting too much negative feeling, you just go back and reactivate the witness.

I have found the best way to awaken the witness and invoke transcendental healing energies in emotional processing is by utilizing the ancient Third Eye technique. At the very start of an Emotional Clearing Process, we contact the two Yin/Yang healing energies of the universe. Then we contact the transcendental witness by activating the Third Eye (on the forehead).

Activating the Third Eye achieves the same result as any of the Rapid Eye Movement therapies you may have heard about, except that it is more effective, and is the ancient, original technique. These other techniques were discovered accidentally and used because they worked. Activating the Third Eye chakra brings about an integration of left and right brains, and so reduces resistance to emotional experience, releasing the feelings, and you can do this without the help of a therapist if you want.

a source of joy

Learn how to manage the feelings your relationship triggers.
Make your intimate relationship a vital part of your consciousness path.
Learn how to go beyond blaming your partner.
Transcend psychological dependency by recognizing and overcoming attachment.
As we take any feeling through these five steps, Deep Relaxation, Awareness, Acceptance, Direct Experience, and Witnessing, we are taking the feeling to a place where clearing can and will occur. Trying to apply any of the steps without the others does not give quite the same results.

As I evolved the system and kept working with this approach on myself and others for a few years, I continued to see the effectiveness. I was encouraged to write about my findings, and in 1993 I self-published a book called Emotional Clearing, which goes into much greater depth than I have been able to here. In 2000, because of the grass-roots popularity of the book, Random House put out a hardcover, revised version. The book has been published in 8 foreign languages.

At this point, readers from all over the world have written me and told me of the importance the Emotional Clearing work has had for them - many of them with breakthrough and turning-point stories. It's always amazing to see not only how our emotional experience changes after we have released feelings, but also how things change in our experience of the world.

• You'll feel excited about life.

• You no longer attract negative situations because you no longer need to pull that particular kind of negativity to yourself.

• You are naturally creative and find a high sense of fulfillment in applying your creativity, no matter where life has placed you.

If you are interested in learning more about the Emotional Clearing approach, I would urge you to read the book as a first step. It may be all you need. Thousands of people have emailed me and told me of their success using only the book! It greatly expands on the basic concepts that I have discussed here, clarifies the important subtleties of each part of the process, deepens your theoretical understanding of the process, and guides you step-by-step in how to successfully apply the process and avoid the common stumbling blocks along the way. I would say it's essential if you are going to go for it with Emotional Clearing.

Recently, I've released another book about the process called DEEP CLEARING. If you are just starting out, I would probably recommend this book. It's the same process as the original book, but presents it somewhat differently that may be more suitable for today's audience.

Emotional Clearing Guided Training 12 CD Set

There's a recent development that has me excited. Since 1993, right when the book first came out, I have been guiding clients from all parts of the world, in person and by telephone, and more recently, on Skype. This is how I have been making a living. Being a professional Emotional Clearing Facilitator and consciousness catalyst for all those years has sharpened my counseling skills but has also taught me that the best type of facilitating occurs when there is ample room for unconscious guidance to step in.

Completely unexpected insights, happenings, releasings, the experience of both of us being guided by a Higher Intelligence to places our little left-brain minds would never dream of - it's become commonplace. After so many of my sessions, I tell myself, I've just got to write about this - it's amazing. But for whatever reason, I have not been writing yet. Maybe because I'm so involved with other personal passions, such as the arts. But this past year, I've made a point of completing a new audio project. Let me tell you a little about it-

What I've tried to do is put all I've learned counseling clients since 1993 into it, and leave room for the listener's Higher Self Intelligence to come in and spark the session. When this happens, you can listen to the same program repeatedly, and always have a different experience.

I want to reach as many people as possible with what I have to offer, not just the few who can afford to hire me to work with them one-to-one. I feel the program is almost as good as working with me in person. As an audio program, you put on the headphones, lean back, close your eyes, and I lead you just as I lead clients in-person through the steps of the process. You enter a relaxed right-brain Alpha state, something it's hard to do while reading, and we take it from there.

The program is set up as a 6-week training in learning the Emotional Clearing system, with certain additional more specific processing programs. This doesn't mean just intellectually reading or listening to a left-brain informational tape about the work, but being taken through an experiential right-brain training that gets you doing the process naturally and easily, developing your capacity, enabling you to get results right away, even from the very first week! For the cost of one session with me, you get a program you can work with for a year or longer - that will keep you interested and provide an "anchor" for you as you process feelings.

I am so excited about this program and I feel you will be too if you get a sample of it that I am willing to let you listen to the entire first 40-minute program for free!


Remove Obstacles to Success

Release suppressed feelings of failure and inadequacy that continue to hold you back and attract adversity.
Understand that no matter how much you psych yourself up with positive self-talk, trapped internal negative feelings will override and bring failure.
See how your compulsion for wealth, success, and recognition may be the result of trying to compensate for negative feelings and that no matter how much you achieve, you will never be satisfied.
Allow higher consciousness to bring spontaneous abundance into your life as you let go of and transcend the grasping ego-mind.

Emotional Clearing Counseling

Another important option available to you if you get serious about this work is the personal counseling that I have spoken about. It's not only me who's available for counseling - there are many Emotional Clearing Facilitators that I have trained, in all parts of the world, who may live near you, or who are available on Zoom. Most of my counseling throughout the years has been on the phone or Zoom, and I know without doubt that it is equally effective to in-person work. If you ever feel you need extra support and guidance, we are ready to be there for you!

What makes personal counseling so effective is that you get an energetic infusion from a person who has been trained to impart it, which jump-starts and accelerates your process. Virtually every person I counsel tells me that they are able to go more deeply into feelings and release them when we work together. And all the trained Emotional Clearing Facilitators can do the same. My goal is to make this work a commonly available therapeutic modality.

Although it's entirely effective on its own, ECP can also be used with almost any other technique or modality you may be accustomed to, and it will broaden and deepen your experience. I recommend classical, meditative yoga, for example, to relax the body and start to loosen up energetic congestion. ECP can be used with a psychotherapy program, or a Vipassana meditation program, or a health-oriented lifestyle change, etc.  The principles of the process are universally applicable and will not conflict with any valid approach to self-work. In fact, whenever you do any valid transformational or healing work on yourself, you're bound to have negative feelings come up as part of the release, and that's when you need Emotional Clearing tools.

For example, tapping on the acupressure points has become popular recently because it offers a simple method of working on yourself. But, if you are not aware of the basic psychological principles of deep feelings release work that ECP will teach you, you may be stewing in resistance and blame as you try to tap, and you will get nowhere. If you apply tapping as you follow the ECP protocol, you will have a much more successful result. Many of the EC Facilitators are also trained in tapping modalities. They routinely report that they use ECP methods when they need to deal with heavy-duty issues; they may also apply tapping but find that it is usually irrelevant.

Emotional Clearing is an in-depth program, because that's what you need. Emotional Clearing will not appeal to those looking for the quick fix or without the capacity to look within. It's not a no-brainer. To go deep, and be effective, and that's what you need to do for lasting work, you need to understand some things - about the subconscious, for example. And about the core feeling behind your anger or compulsiveness, for another. And so on.

As you work on yourself, remember to be patient. This is not the quick-fix, but serious, deep, effective work that clears the residue of centuries. But one of the nicer aspects to the work is that important releases usually occur when you are first starting out - this appears to be Nature's way of letting you know you are going in the right direction.

For me, Emotional Clearing work has become central to my path. I now see that this work is most vital to my personal evolution as well as that of the world, because we are all ultimately connected. As you heal yourself, you heal the world.

I hope at some point our paths will cross, and I believe they will.

John Ruskan

Here are the key sections of this website:

The Book. To most effectively apply Emotional Clearing as an East/West self-therapy you will need the book.
Working On Yourself.  Resources including a life-altering Audio CD training program for Emotional Clearing and higher consciousness.
Emotional Clearing Counseling. Get one-to-one emotional support and guidance from John or a trained facilitator.
Professional Training. A superlative program in holistic counseling for those interested in becoming trained Emotional Clearing Facilitators.
Emotions. Writings by John about common emotions and related topics and how the Emotional Clearing approach applies to them.
Audio. mp3 podcast talks and interviews by John about the process that can be downloaded for portable playback.

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All Healing Modalities incl
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Did you know?

John Ruskan originated the now widely-used phrase 'Emotional Clearing' when he published his book in 1994.

This book was the first to bring attention to the importance of working with feelings on the path to Higher Consciousness.