Are You Ready for Real Inner Work?

Have you been on the Eastern spiritual path, inadvertently bypassing negative emotions?

Have you been involved with intellectual Western psychotherapy that did not operate on the emotional level?

Do you hunger for psychologically substantial in-depth information and super-effective guidance as you work on yourself?

Are you trying to sort out all the possible options of the New Age?

Are you unsure of how to proceed as you approach healing Eckhart Tolle's Pain Body?

Let John Ruskan show you how.

"John Ruskan's Emotional Clearing is full of useful insights into emotional healing, and he deserves a wide audience among both psychotherapists and yogis alike."
Yoga Journal

What the Emotional Clearing Process will do for you

Based on a unique fusion of traditional Eastern spiritual principles and Humanistic Western psychological insights, ECP provides you with a powerful, easy-to-use inner process that will enable you to release the built-up, negative subconscious.

You apply this process either on your own, or with assistance in the form of pre-recorded guided sessions, or with a live Emotional Clearing Facilitator.



• An EAST/WEST inner-directed self-therapy for releasing negative feelings like fear, anger, hatred, heartbreak, inadequacy, sexual issues, isolation, loneliness, or depression and awakening unconditional happiness.

• Heals the subconscious PAIN BODY and all kinds of TRAUMA.

• Enables you to work on your emotional self as part of your spiritual practice.

• Empowers you to achieve goals by clearing inner blocking.

from John Ruskan-

I know you want to find a way to improve yourself and your life. You want to make the most out of this short time we have on the earth. You want to evolve. You want to be happy. You want to go beyond struggle.

Many times, we think we need to attain some outer goal before we can be happy. We think that if we only had that perfect relationship with our spouse, lover, co-workers, or children, we'd be happy. Or if we only had that better job, more money, more recognition, more sex, more possessions, more accomplishments, and so on.

The real secret is that you don't need any of these things to be happy.

You just need to release the negative feelings inside that you think the external things will make better.

You can work on these feelings directly to achieve lasting relief and UNCONDITIONAL HAPPINESS.

'Unconditional' means that your happiness is not based on external conditions, but comes from the inside, independent of the external.

But the amazing thing is that as you start to release negative feelings by going inside and working with them, you also start to release the BLOCKING that has been preventing you from achieving outer goals!

You find yourself more easily achieving outer goals, as if they are just being brought to you, and at the same time you become less compulsive about attaining the outer goals.

You become a well-balanced, non-compulsive, happy human being 




This new book expands on the Emotional Clearing Process. It describes the work in stages, starting with an easy to understand basic strategy for releasing negative feelings, proceeding into more detailed levels for advanced practitioners.


"John Ruskan's Emotional Clearing is a fresh, original work that makes an important contribution to contemporary consciousness research. His integration of Eastern meditative practice with the Western concern for emotional healing is a union that can yield great benefit to aspirants of both East and West. Ruskan's work offers valuable insights to persons seeking tools for self-therapy as well as to professional therapists."
Martha Crampton, Ph.D., Psychotherapist
Director, New York Open Center's Integrative Therapy Program


the Emotional Clearing Podcast
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In these podcasts, John discusses various subtleties of ECP inner work that will increase your skills and results. Included are radio interviews and real sessions with clients


Working on Yourself

How to use

A brief explanation of the EC Process. How to clear the negative subconscious.



The Emotional
Clearing Guided

Supercharge your inner work with these guided sessions. Awaken your right-brain feeling skills.




Interact with John and others. Get support and have your questions answered by John.



"Ruskan has achieved a challenging and difficult task, clarifying the
interface between Eastern spiritual tradition and Western psychology."
Dr. Harville Hendrix,
author of Getting The Love You Want, founder of Imago Relationship Therapy


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